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This years game was another BIG success. The North routed the South in front of a very excited and noisy crowd by the score of 37-3. The North struck early and often in the first half to lead by 31-0 at the half. Read this San Jose Mercury News article and this San Jose Mercury News article about the game. And this is a SJM Photo Slide Show of the game.

The Rotary Club of Almaden Valley is proud to present the Annual Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game, the Silicon Valley Youth Classic. This year will be our 40th year of honoring graduating senior high school football players.

We are currently in the planning stage for the 2014 game. For the upcoming months, the Rotary Club of Almaden Valley will be planning for the 40th Annual Charlie Wedemeyer High School All-Star Football Game. Anybody interested in coming onboard to help in the planning process, don't hesitate to contact us. It usually means fund-raising. The game is to be played at 7:30 pm Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at San Jose City College.

Congratulations to this year's Head Football COACHES, Tim Pierleoni of Christopher High School for the South; and Trevor Pruitt of Los Altos High School for the North. They have made their selections from the list of players nominated by the head football coaches of the Santa Clara County high schools. The letters to the players have been sent and they are beginning to be returned.

For those who want to buy TICKETS before the game night, they are available at these Locations.


The North Roster and the South Roster are complete. Request for information has been sent to the players and that information is posted on their own page as the information comes in. The rosters have links to each player's page. Players, check out the Rosters of the past years for examples of the information that have been included.


On Tuesday, May 13 , 2014, starting at 5:00 p.m., All Star Players attended the Players and Coaches Banquet, held at Bowlmor bowling center formerly San Jose 300, located at 5420 Thornwood Drive, San Jose (behind Oakridge Mall near Highway 85 and Santa Teresa Blvd.). The keynote speaker was Ron Caragher, San Jose State football coach. He was introduced by the Master of Ceremonies, Bob Seymour, an Almaden Valley Rotarian. The photos taken by the game photographer, Wayne Salvatore, at the banquet are used for the game program and ARE NOW available on each of the player's webpage. There are candid pictures taken which are on the banquet page. We had a GREAT crowd!

Check out last year's Banquet where all the coaches and players were honored. The banquet occurred on Monday, May 13th at the 300 San Jose bowling center. The keynote speaker was Fred Guidici.


We have a growing list of ALUMNI. Click HERE to view this list. Two tickets are available to every one of the past participants of the All Star games but you must get in touch with us to be added to the list. Alumni must check in by presenting their ID before receiving their two tickets. Alumni this year are going to be recognized at the game. We need to know who will be present.

Contact Angie: angiehassler@gmail.com

Video Highlights of the past All Star games from 1982 to 2010 have been assembled by our South Coaches Director, Mike Carrozzo.

In our 37th year we entered the modern world. Be a facebook fan of the Charlie Wedemeyer AllStar Football Game **************************************************************** REMEMBER:
No. 1 was retired in memory of Charlie Wedemeyer for both North and South and No. 42 was retired in memory of Pat Tillman for the South team


For the last three years we have welcomed a new large sponsor, the Army. We still will always be looking for large sponsors in the future and continue to thank all the SPONSORS of the past. We have been blessed with many smaller sponsors that have made this game possible and allowed us to donate to many charities over the past years.


One of the primary charities is ALS. Charlie Wedemeyer has been an inspirational representative and has been a part of the Santa Clara County All-Star Football since 1989. Read all about his story.

We had a great turnout of the San Jose Sabre Kittens and high school cheerleaders this past year. We are continually looking for commitments from high school cheerleading groups in the game.

The game in 2013 was another BIG success. The North beat the South in front of a very excited and noisy crowd by the score of 17-6. The North struck early with St. Francis Michael Lauck guiding two scoring drives. Read the San Jose Mercury News article about the game. Click on this link for photos taken by our game photographer, Jerry Costanzo.

Contact Jerry
Email: gibsonjt@earthlink.net