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*** MEDIA 2004 ***

Click HERE for the general press release prepared by the media relations intern for the Rotary All-Star Game, Errol Canivel.

Check out the interview of Robert Braunstein for press release prepared by, Errol Canivel.

The following television stations and programs covered the game:

KRON Channel 4

General assignment reporter Jesse Gary interviewed several players prior to the game and shot game footage, airing on the 6pm, 9pm and 11 pm evening newscasts.

Jesse Gary interviewing Scott Glicksberg and Mike Day

KGO Channel 7

Sports reporter and ex-49er wide receiver Mike Shuman interviewed several players, Mr. Pat Tillman, Sr and shot game highlights, airing reports on the 6pm and 11pm evening newscasts.

Mike Shuman interviewing Mike Day

KNTV Channel 3
General assignment reporter Ben Mohr conducted pre-game interviews and game highlight coverage which aired on the 6pm evening newscast. Reporter Mohr did a post-game live remote report from the field which aired on the station's 11 pm evening newscast.

Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area KRON TV Channel 4 hosted by Robert Braunstein

Mike Day interviewed by Scott Smith
High School Sports Focus

Kevin Jurovich and Kraig Kitong on Sports Focus

Mike Day interviewed by Dick Sparrer of the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers and SF Chronicle reporter Mitch Stephens respectively

Many of the attending media enjoyed the great pre-game BBQ provided by the Almaden Valley Rotary!

Errol Canivel, had the following lineup in the Bay Area media:

July 15, 8:15 am - call-in interview with game announcer Robert Braunstein on the John Madden show KCBS (740AM)

July 15, 10:20 am - Robert Braunstein on the Gary Radnich show KNBR (680AM)

July 16, 12:35 pm - Robert Braunstein on the Rick Barry show KNBR (680AM)

July 19, 8:10 am - Robert Braunstein on KRTY 95.3FM (San Jose country and western station) with morning drive host Gary Scott Thomas

July 20, 8:45 am - Robert Braunstein on KSAN's (107.7FM) The Bone with Lamont and Tonelli.

July 20, 7:00-8:00 pm - players on-air interview with KYLD's (94.9FM) Strawberry and Bumrush.

From left to right Will Taufoou, Donte Ellington, Jonathan Price, Willie Price, Hasani Houston, Anthony Reyes, and Andre Robinson. Click on the picture for a slide show of the players in the studio.

July 21, all day - Robert Braunstein on a taped interview to promote the All Star Football Game with KLIV (1590AM) news anchor Robin McElhatton. The interview will air throughout the day on Wednesday, the day of the game.

There were two articles in the San Jose Mercury News on the day of the game:
And three articles in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Contact information for Errol Canivel is:
Errol Canivel
Media Relations
Phone: (510)220-2403